New Soap Molds

I have two very talented, creative and wonderful people to thank for these molds.  The wooden one was a rush job made by Boogie, my go to for anything to do with construction or renovation, or anything that needs to be made or fixed. Woodwork is her specialty and no one does a better job. She’s very busy but I somehow convinced her that my soap was very important! :-p

Wood mold

Wooden mold works great – lined with paper – but NOT with the acrylic liner in the photo.

The all-acrylic mold and the acrylic liner for the wooden mold were made by Mitzi.  This is the first time she’s made a soap mold (she’s in the signage and letterpress business) but I like the way she really got into it when we were discussing the design.  The acrylic mold was inspired by the one made by Soap Hutch, but Mitzi made it even better by adding the engraved measurement guide. The photo below was taken when I got the mold 2 weeks ago. It has been improved with another bolt added in the bottom center.

Acrylic Mold

Soap slides out easily using the wooden dowels to push it up.

Update (5/30/13):

The 5-panel acrylic liner added to the wooden mold was my idea.  I thought I had come up with an ingeniously simple design, but my idea was majorly squashed when I used it for the first time with my aloe vera soap.

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