All Dressed Up

I enjoy packaging just as much as soap making. Right now I am into wrapping without the use of tape, if possible. I have found the waxy packaging paper for rice or sandwiches the perfect material for wrapping soaps.

The printed blue paper is scented shelf-liner that was given to me two Christmases ago.  They are great shelf-liners, but I think they make prettier soap packaging.  The scent is mild and somehow blends well with the soap.

I don’t like giving away naked soaps, so here they are, dressed, and ready to go:

green velvet wrapped

charcoal annatto wrapped

charcoal oatmeal 2

6 thoughts on “All Dressed Up

  1. Jennifer

    I like them… you are so creative!! But I looooove the soap photos of your packaging in the header… xo Jen

  2. MaryAnn Wasylewski

    I’m obsessed with your soaps & packaging. This is getting to be ridiculous . I keep trying to get my soaps as pretty as yours and I’m one of those perfectionist that won’t quit till I master the technique. Ya, we have soap everywhere. I had my husband make me a 1lb wooden mold so I wouldn’t have to make so much if it doesn’t turn out. If I could fly to the Philippines( I think that’s where you live) and have you show me how, I would. Would you consider doing a youtube to demonstrate this? You are so talented. I’ve been soaping for over 15 years off & on and am always learning something new but very few soapers have impressed me with their soaps & packaging and you are among the ones that have.
    MaryAnn W

    1. soapjam Post author

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Mary. 😊 Sorry I don’t make videos. So much to do, so little time! I can barely keep up with blogging. LOL! I guess the key is just to keep on practicing consistently. I don’t think I am doing anything very different from other soap makers. Of the few videos I’ve watched, I really like Handmade in Florida and Missouri River Soap, and I think their soaps are gorgeous. 🙂


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