Spotty Aloe Vera Soap

My neighbour dropped off the other day this huge aloe vera leaf…..

aloe vera leaf

…..and gave me a couple of young plants and a teeny weeny baby for me to grow:

aloe vera shoots

I was not planning on making more soaps until I got new fragrances, but what was I do with a gorgeous hunk of an aloe vera?  Voila! …..

Are the white spots from the aloe gel or an entirely different problem?

Are the white spots from the aloe gel or an entirely different problem?

It was still green after unmolding, but now it is turning khaki.

It was still green after unmolding, but now it is turning yellowish brown.

I used my trusty wooden mold with my new 5-paneled acrylic insert.  The idea seemed good, but boy was I wrong!  I was able to slide off the small ends, but the bottom and side panels stuck to the soap like super glue.  In the end I had to use a metal spatula to separate the soap from the panels. Because of the see-through acrylic, I was able to guide the spatula with minimal damage to the soap.

The acrylic panels would not come off!

The acrylic panels would not come off!

I used pili oil and olive oil to impart a green tinge to this soap. It was green for but a very brief time, and it slowly turned yellowish brown with barely a hint of green.  Other fats used were coconut oil, castor oil and beeswax. I followed what Jen of jenorasoaps did: scrape the aloe vera gel, blend it up and use it as part of  the liquid in the recipe. I made a 50% lye solution and I separately added the pureed aloe vera gel after pouring the lye solution into the oils. I scented it with lavender and eucalyptus essential oils, but since this was insulated for a full gel, the scent has somewhat faded.

I searched the internet for photos of aloe vera soap and they were all even-toned.  I don’t know why mine is spotty.  I hope it’s just small lumps of aloe vera gel.


I have been using this soap for the past week and I am absolutely loving it!  It is one of my favourite soaps, probably a tie with my beer and egg soap.  The lavender scent is mild, but still there, and smells very fresh and clean.  It lathers well and makes my skin feel moisturized and healthy.  I am looking forward to making more aloe vera soaps!

4 thoughts on “Spotty Aloe Vera Soap

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  2. Jennifer

    Minde gets spotty too!! It usually tones done with a lot of time… and becomes pretty white but there are still spots. Don’t know if there is a way to avoid them? It may be better to strain the aloe vera gel so that the most liquid part is the part that gets into the soap? xo Jen

    1. soapjam

      Hi Jen! I am glad to hear that I am not the only one to get spotty aloe vera soap. I looked at your photos and your soaps look so perfect and even.
      Since making the aloe vera soap, I have received dozens of young aloe vera plants from different people. I will definitely be making more in the future, when the plants are all grown up.

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