Himalayan Salt Bar

I bought a huge bag of coarse pink Himalayan salt a few years ago and somehow never got to use it.  As I was reading on salt bars, I thought it was high time I used my stash of Himalayan salt.

I used 85% coconut oil, 10% rice bran oil and 5% castor oil with a 15% lye discount.  It took about 6 hours for it to gel completely, and immediately after, I unmolded and cut it before it became rock hard.  Cutting it took a bit of time because the salt got in the way of the knife and produced unsightly drag lines.  After cutting a couple of bars, I switched to a bread knife so I could saw through the salt.  With each bar I cut, the soap progressively got harder.  I had planned on using individual molds but I absent-mindedly prepared the loaf mold instead.

salt bar 2

Right after cutting the salt bars, i noticed the salt was starting to sweat. I transferred them to an airtight container, but hours later, I realized they would not be able to cure, so I took them out and wrapped them with a ktichen towel.  Then the rains came in a few days later.  The soaps were oozing more water.  I moved them to a cabinet but that didn’t help.  I think this will be my first and last salt bars.  I really liked the idea but it simply can’t take our high humidity.

See the moisture?

See the moisture?

I made these last June 2, so I should be able to use them already.  Interestingly, the soap itself smells wonderful of eucalyptus and lavender, but the sweat coming from the salt smells funky.  I can best describe it as saliva-smelling?

June 22, 2013:

Used the salt bar this morning and found it way too rough! To avoid scratching my skin further, I created a thick lather by rubbing the wet soap with my hands. I then scooped out the lather and used this to soap my body. After my shower, I could already feel the sharp edges of the salt starting to smoothen out. I’m sure that after a few more uses, it will be fine to use the bar directly on the body.  It smells fresh and minty like a spa, and there’s no funky smell residue.

salt bar suds

I recently moved my curing soaps from the ground floor guest room to my bedroom on the second floor of the house.  The salt bar stopped sweating!  Here it is, wrapped up:

salt bar instructions

3 thoughts on “Himalayan Salt Bar

  1. Jennifer

    Salt soaps…. I use a VERY high water discount for my salt soaps and use fine sea salt. I used to use course sea salt but they didn’t cut or stamp as nice. This look very unique and beautiful. Nice white!!! xo Jen

  2. Lon

    Omg, I wish I’d found your blog sooner! I had the exact same issue with my Himalayan salt bar – WAAAY too rough to be used on nekkid skin. In the end, I tied rebatching it, but the salt made it crumble – so I re-purposed it as a jar of scrubby kitchen soap and gifted some to a friend, and she loves it. 🙂


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