Beer Soap Rebatch 2

I am so impressed with the way this rebatch turned out (click here to read about my rebatch adventure.) I unmolded and cut it after 12 hours.  It was still a tad tacky in the middle, but just the perfect consistency for cutting.  However, the leather scent has somehow morphed into something that smells like a swimming pool.  I hope the chlorine smell is just temporary, as I had really high hopes for this manly beer soap.

beer rebatch 2

beer bar 3

beer rebatch 3

Thank you Soap Queen for your excellent Plastic Baggie Technique!  It really changed my opinion on rebatching.  In fact, I would like to explore it further!

1 thought on “Beer Soap Rebatch 2

  1. DivaSoap

    Ok, I read all three posts. They all look rustic, natural and hp-ed, not rebatched. I think they are great to use.
    I didn’t know Ann-Marie posted on the baggie techique, but I know that long ago (2 years ,or so), when I had to do my first rebatch and didn’t have a pot specifically for soaping, I used a food pot and desperately put the bitch into the bag, thinking whatever happens, couldn’t be worse. It worked, but I was scared the bag could have bursted and made a bigger mess!


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