Mint Cucumber Soap

This is basically the same as the avocado soap I made last Friday, except for the cucumber that replaced the avocado. I bumped up the fruit component and blended 80 grams unpeeled Japanese cucumber with 90 grams of water, netting 134 grams after straining. Water in the lye solution plus the cucumber juice yielded a total of 284 grams (I used 122 grams NaOH and 850 grams oils).

This was how green the cucumber juice was:

This is the natural color of the strained cucumber juice.

I mixed the cucumber juice with the oils before adding the lye solution at around 100˚F.  When I added the green tea-cucumber fragrance and eucalyptus oil (I was short on peppermint), white lumps immediately formed.  Could it be the stearic acid that hardened? This did not happen though with the avocado soap. Or was it the fragrance?  Fortunately, the mixture smoothened out with continued blending.

Knowing that the green of the cucumber would not stay, I colored half of the mixture with green oxide to get some contrast with the natural color. By the time I was done, the soap was already at heavy trace, no longer pourable, still somewhat manageable but tricky! I whacked the mold many times to remove as much air pockets as possible, but I still ended up with holes.

Holey cucumber soap.

Holey cucumber soap.

Cucumber 2

The poor colour contrast between the 2 layers gives this soap a not so attractive appearance, and to top it off, I am not liking the green tea cucumber fragrance.  The green tea aspect is fine, but the so-called cucumber smells something like scented kiddie stationery or fun erasers. The optimist in me is hoping that after curing, it will just be the green tea and eucalyptus scents that will be left behind.

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