Scrubby Coffee Oatmeal

Strangely, this smells like chocolate orange biscotti, even though I used lavender and grapefruit for the oatmeal part, and vanilla for the coffee part. Not quite what I expected, but I love the way it smells strong and yummy!   coffee oatmeal 1I used 900 grams of fats (olive, coconut, palm, cocoa butter and castor) with a 4% lye discount and 35% lye concentration. I mixed 20 grams coffee grounds  (used-from making espresso) and 15 grams vanilla to 1/3 of the soap mixture, and to the rest I added 10 grams ground oatmeal, 1/2 tsp titanium dioxide, 15 grams lavender and 15 grams grapefruit.  The coffee part experienced a bit of trace acceleration, but the oatmeal part behaved very well. I would like to do this recipe again and create a better looking swirl pattern!

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