Honey Sunrise

I am practicing the Holly Swirl for this month’s Soap Challenge Club.  My first try was a black and green tea soap, nothing contest-worthy, but it was cool to see an image of a dog’s face formed by the swirls.

Here’s another one I made for practice:

honey sunrise

The bottom, colored with cocoa powder, had already hardened by the time I poured the upper part. I lost my chance to make a swirl within a swirl, but I love how delicious it smells!   The brown part is scented with honey and vanilla f.o.’s, and the orange-cream part with lavender and grapefruit.  Because of the colors and cheerful smell, I think it would make a wonderful “wake me up” soap. I am thus naming it Honey Sunrise.

I soaped this batch using olive, coconut, rice bran and castor oils.  While I am pretty sure it was the honey and vanilla f.o.’s (maybe the cocoa powder too?) that accelerated trace for the brown portion, I think the castor oil had a hand in it too.  The lighter portion traced a bit faster than a previous batch I made with a similar recipe that did not contain castor.

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