One Recipe, Two Techniques

I love my scrubby coffee oatmeal soap so much that I am making it again, not just once, but twice, using different techniques that are new to me. I used exactly the same recipe, except for the espresso coffee grounds that I reduced to 15 grams from 20.  I find that the finer espresso grind is better suited to use in soaps than the coarser french press grind that I used for my coffee kitchen hand soap.

For the first batch, I used the tiger stripe technique.  I had less coffee than oatmeal batter, so the stripes did not reach all the way to the top.  Nonetheless, I was thrilled to see the stripes!

tiger stripe 2 tiger stripe 3

For the second batch, I was inspired by Bonnie Bath Blog’s tutorial and Sunday Spotlight on the spoon swirl.  My result does not show swirls, more like spots or dollops, but I had fun doing it (actually, it does not matter what I’m making, I always have fun when making soap 🙂 ) and would definitely try it again.

spoon swirl 2

spoon swirlThese soaps smell very similar to my Honey Sunrise, except that these don’t have honey f.o., therefore not as sweet smelling, but oh so good!

4 thoughts on “One Recipe, Two Techniques

  1. Jenny

    How pretty! The stripes and dollops look really cool. The tiger stripe and spoon swirl techniques are two of my favorites, too. Great job!


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