Discovering the Celine Swirl

Last week, as I was going through Jenny’s I’d Lather Be Soaping blog roll, I clicked on Summerfield Soaps and found this stunning creation.  Apparently, the technique used was invented by Celine Blacow, a very talented soaper from Dublin, Ireland, who’s also known as the swirl queen! I’ve stumbled upon her blog before (check out her dazzling soaps!) but had never watched any of her Youtube videos until the one in Summerfield’s post.

I have not done a whole lot of swirling, and the few times I did, most of them fell flat because either the batter was too thin or too thick.  An exception would probably be my entry to last month’s Soap Challenge Club featuring the Holly Swirl.  I tried the technique 3 times, and got lucky with my second try.

It seems like the Celine Swirl has been around for some time, but since I just started making soap a little bit shy of 5 months, it is totally new to me.  After doing some research on the Celine Swirl, I also learned that Celine started the popular hanger swirl.  Again, I’ve come across mentions of it but never really paid attention to it. At the same time I was learning about the Celine Swirl, I also finally saw a video of the hanger swirl.  The results are so cool!  But that’s for another time, and today it’s all about the Celine Swirl.

The first one I made was with my favourite ingredients, charcoal and yogurt, and scented with neroli f.o.  I really love how this turned out!

yogurt charcoal

yogurt charcoal 1

Buoyed by the success of my first Celine Swirl, I made a second one with the same yogurt soap base.  This time I made it with ground rosemary and green chrome oxide, and scented it with lavender and eucalyptus.

Rosemary eucalyptus 1rosemary eucalyptusI don’t see any recent activity over at Celine’s blog, Soaperstar, but I would like to shout out a big thank you, wherever you are, for generously sharing your swirling technique.  I think I will be stuck here for a while since I am simply having too much fun with it!


12 thoughts on “Discovering the Celine Swirl

    1. soapjam Post author

      Thank you for your generous compliment, Monica! I don’t know about the natural part…All I know is that I am crazy about making soap! lol! If you scroll through my earlier posts, you will see a lot of not so attractive looking soaps. I am happy to be making a little progress. 🙂

  1. Jenny

    Great job on both soaps, Silvia! The charcoal looks so dramatic, and I love the swirls in the lavender and eucalyptus! I still haven’t tried the Celine swirl. I need to get on that. And thanks for the shout-out for my blog!

  2. soapjam Post author

    Hi Jenny! I think you’ll enjoy the Celine swirl as much as I am!
    I am very grateful for your warm support and encouragement. Really appreciate it. 🙂


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