Going Sweet and Fruity

Never say never.

When I started making soap, I thought I would never go into the sweet and fruity direction.  Citruses yes, but not the whole fruit basket and bakery scents.  But with the numerous delicious looking and sounding soaps that I see in other people’s blogs, I found myself slowly getting lured into this realm.  It does not help either that I got addicted to shopping for scents!

Before I got sick earlier this week, I made 5 batches of soap last Sunday and another 2 on Monday, using new fragrances.  I thought they all smelled great and I just kept on sniffing them whenever I had the chance.  But when I got sick, I was totally repulsed by the smells, most especially Monday’s 2 carrot batches scented with cranberry marmalade and orange peel/kumquat. It appears to be that I got some kind of stomach flu which is going around. I am much better now and I can’t wait to be able to fully enjoy my fragrances again!

I was able to take pictures of the soaps from last Sunday, but not the ones from last Monday.  I don’t know when I can bring myself to go near them to take photos because even from afar, I smell them. Everywhere! The spatulas, containers, notebook!

So here are the 5 that I was able to photograph.  If they appear hazy, it’s because I accidentally turned on a filter feature which my husband found out after I took the photos, and I just didn’t have the inclination to do a retake.

1. Orange Raspberry Sherbet – made with coconut, olive, palm and avocado oils with powdered goat’s milk, and scented with wild raspberry and tangerine f.o.’s.  I really like the fresh, tart scent.  It reminds me of childhood summers spent with cousins eating Baskin Robbins’ orange sherbet.  I wanted to do a Celine swirl but right after I added the raspberry f.o., the soap was setting up fast so I had to ditch my original plans.

Orange Berry Sherbet

2. Pear Almond Tart – This and the succeeding soaps below are all yogurt soaps with coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, rice bran oil, and cocoa butter. The smell reminds me of a pear frangipane tart that I make and love. The bottom part is scented with an almond pastry fragrance, and the top part with bartlett pear.

Pear Almond Tart

3. Apple Almond Tart – scented with tart apple and almond pastry fragrances, this smells strong! I think I will like it better when it has mellowed out. I’ve noticed that yogurt warps certain colours like blue, but I didn’t feel that it did with green chrome oxide.  However, this one turned bluish green, so it must be the tart apple fragrance.

Apple & Almond Tart

4.  Honey Bee – I finally got to use the bubble wrap design for my honey soap! This is certainly one of my favourites!


5.  Peppermint Vanilla Noel – It’s the first time I’ve achieved rich vibrant colors and I couldn’t be more thrilled!  I used brick red and green chrome oxides, using a scant 1/4 teaspoon per cup of soap batter following Amy Warden’s colouring guidelines. Of the 5 batches, my husband and I like this scent the best. The red, green and white top is scented with peppermint e.o., and the bottom part, which I left uncoloured thinking it would turn a darker brown, is scented with sweet smelling vanilla noel. This really smells like candy canes!

Peppermint Vanilla NoelWith this soap, I learned it is not a good thing to pre-empt soda ash.  Originally there was much less soda ash than what you see in the photo.  It was really just a slight sprinkling, so I thought I would arrest its development by steaming it.  It became worse instead!  I will have to observe if the soda ash thickens, and I will steam it again.

What are your favorite sweet and fruity scents? 🙂

21 thoughts on “Going Sweet and Fruity

  1. Marika

    It is fun too see how different we all are! My favorite scents are the sweet and fruity Fo´s. And I´ve started to like fresh scents and I started to test flower scents last summer, but I have only found two that I really like. My husband seems to like the fruity scents too. Yesterday he told me that our new shampoo smells very sharp and I knew it was a flower FO I used but I had to check that it was the Peony that he did not like that much.

    But back to your soaps. Can´t even say which of these is the most beautiful one, but Peppermint Vanilla Noel sound just like heaven to me. And the Pear Almond Tart has a beautiful swirl.

    1. soapjam Post author

      Hi Marika! Thank you for stopping by!
      True, it’s really fun and interesting to see how all of us have different preferences. I am drawn to more natural and fresh smelling scents, but because of soaping, I’ve learned to appreciate and embrace almost all types, even rose, which I thought I hated! But of course not all roses are the same, so it’s important to find one that’s just right for the individual. I am also at this experimental stage that I just want to try everything.
      Hmm, I am now curious what peony smells like…

  2. Deirdre

    Lovely Silvia! I really love how the Peppermint Vanilla Noel looks. I hope that you’re able to start sniffing your soaps again soon!

    BTW, I took the plunge today and did some more experimentation with fragrance oils. I made one with Tahitian vanilla FO and orange 5 fold EO, and a second with creme brulee FO. Thanks for the encouragement!

    1. soapjam Post author

      Thank you, Deirdre! I am feeling a lot better! 🙂
      Looking forward to seeing your soaps and hearing how you like your fragrances. Vanilla and orange sound really good, and creme brûlée sounds sweet and decadent!

  3. Gordana

    All soaps turned out grate, they all have pastel and gentle look… My favorites are Honey Bee and Peppermint Vanilla Noel! I really like design of Peppermint Vanilla Noel. You added just enough colorants to achieve maximum fresh and vivid appearance. You did a grate job Silvia!

  4. Roxana

    All the soaps are beautiful! I think my favorite is Orange Raspberry Sherbet =)
    I hope you feel much better soon! My kids are sick with a cold right now and I trying my hardest to keep health =)

  5. DivaSoap

    OOOh Silvia, they are all gorgeous! Don’t know which one I like best, hmmmm, maybe the last one! Now,that I have made so many ‘swirly’ soaps, I miss making some layered, I think I will make one soon!
    I believe all scents are gorgeous. I like fruity scents, but I must admit that I’m fan of blends, not a single fruit notes. Maybe more than fruit ones, I like floral blends and all feminine scents. Also, fresh, airy ones!
    The pictures look perfect to me and can’t wait to see what’s following!
    P.S. Ouch, it’s bad when your nose gets irritated by scents!

    1. soapjam Post author

      Thank you, Maja! You’re absolutely right, all scents are gorgeous, and they become even better when blended properly. It was really torture when I could not enjoy smelling my soaps and fragrances, but now that I am fine, I feel very grateful to be able to enjoy smells, food, etc.

  6. Jenny

    Beautiful job on all of the soaps, Silvia! I especially like the Peppermint Vanilla Noel and the Honey Bee. I like using bubble wrap for my honey soaps, too. I’m glad that you are feeling better and able to get back to soaping!

  7. Monica

    So glad to hear you’re feeling better Silvia. It must be tough in your field to be nauseated by scents, so I hope you were able to stay home from work.

    All the scents sound so tantalizing! I love citrusy scents although I have to say, some of the bakery scents make me drool too. But overall citrus scents are just more crisp and unisex.

    All your soaps are beautiful, but I think my favourites from this bunch are your pear almond and peppermint vanilla.

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