Nature’s Fury

Most of you have probably seen on the news about super typhoon Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda) that hit central Philippines last Friday, Nov. 8. The worst hit was the city of Tacloban, where thousands of people are feared dead. I live in Cebu City, in the central part of the province of Cebu, which was struck just less than a month ago by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake (we still continue to feel aftershocks although it has become less).  Cebu City didn’t suffer much damage, but the northern part of Cebu bore the brunt of the signal no. 4 typhoon (category 5 hurricane).


The typhoon came and went swiftly. As you can imagine, we were anxious and scared, with the rain and wind so strong, and the power gone. After the typhoon passed, we all breathed a sigh of relief that it was not as bad as we had anticipated. But when power and signal started working again, that was when we learned of the devastation in other places.

A few years ago, my parents-in-law built a beach house in San Remigio, about 100 kilometers away in the northern part of Cebu.  They built it for family vacations, where all the children and grandchildren can relax, have fun, and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. They really love the peace and tranquility there, and even considered making it their retirement house in the future. Well, this is the house after Typhoon Yolanda unleashed her fury:

The roof is gone, the windows broken, and the inside of the house look like it went through a washing machine.

The roof is gone, the windows broken, and the inside of the house looks like a tornado went through it.

The calm view from the wreck in the house.

The calm view from the wreck inside the house.

A book belonging to our neighbor, lands in her garden.

A book belonging to our neighbor, lands in her garden.

Here are more photos taken during our drive this morning to the north. Luckily, the trees and debris have been cleared from the road.  Relief goods are starting to pour in already.

Typhoon 4 Typhoon 5 typhoon 7 typhoon 8

typhoon 10

Even the resilient bamboo that sways with the wind is bent and broken.

Even the resilient bamboo that sways with the wind is bent and broken.

The pictures above are nothing compared to what is happening in the worst-hit areas. It is heart-wrenching to see people desperate and suffering, and at the same time it is heart-warming to see a lot of people helping in whatever way they can.  Amidst all this, I am most grateful that my city was spared and am reminded of how precious life is – that it should be lived with joy, love, passion, and kindness.


20 thoughts on “Nature’s Fury

  1. DivaSoap

    Oh god, devastating is tremendous, but the number of human’s lost lives is such a irreparable disaster. I’m glad you and yours are all ok. The house is so beautiful, it’s such a pity to see it in this condition, but I suppose you’re not concerned about the damage after all. As long as you’re fine, it will be too, right!
    Hang on, girl!

  2. Vicki

    Oh Silvia I’m so sorry this has happened, especially so soon after the earthquake. It’s been all over the news here and my heart goes out to everyone who has been affected. So glad you are ok – was thinking about you yesterday and hoping you would post soon. Take care and stay safe!

    1. soapjam Post author

      Thank you for thinking of me, Vicki. I was not planning on doing this post, but how can I not? My thoughts are constantly on those who have lost their homes, lost their loved ones, and those who have perished. The whole community has been so affected and everyone is just trying to help in whatever way they can.

  3. Cee

    My goodness Silvia, I had no idea you lived amidst this devastation 😦 It is just heartbreaking to see the effects on the news, and it must be even more so heartwrenching in person. My heart goes out to all of you, stay safe!

  4. soapjam Post author

    Thank you, Cee. Everyone is still in shock. When I watch tv, I can’t believe that a disaster of this magnitude had just struck us. The original path of the typhoon was supposed to hit the city where I live. If it did, I would most likely have lost my home and not be here to blog. My heart is so full of thanks that we were spared, but my heart goes out to the thousands who have been affected.

  5. Deirdre

    I was so sorry to see the horrible footage of the storm on the news, and I was thinking about you and hoping that you were safe. Very glad to hear that you’re okay!

  6. Gordana

    This is really big disaster! I can imagine how stressful it was for you and your family. The most important thing is that all of you are well and healthy. I whish you to be strong and continue further!

  7. sugarlychee

    I saw the news and the video about how people are suffering right now there in Philippines. May god save and bless everyone there and hope the typhoon can leave soon. Please take care and stay strong!

    1. soapjam Post author

      Thank you for your concern, Jenny. We are all so affected by the destruction and the suffering of the victims, and just trying our best to help in whatever way we can.

  8. Monica Glaboff (@SoapSudsations)

    I’m glad to see you blogging Silvia. When I first heard about the typhoon, I wondered if you’d bren directly affected. Sorry to hear about your in-laws’ house, but it’s good to know no one was there when the typhoons hit. It’s heartbreaking to see all those who’ve lost so much, but it really does make me appreciate what I have here.

  9. mijnzeep1

    It’s terrible what happened! I start to cry everytime I read about the missing/dead ones… we should be grateful that we live where we live and that we are far from those dissasters. Our hearts go out to those who are still suffering because they lost their families. All we can do is to help a little bit( at least from financial point of view). Take care, Silvia, and I am glad you are your family are ok.

  10. Ksenija

    Good Heavens! I am happy that you’re un-hurt, but it sure looks quite dreadful on photos. Reminds me of the war we had in the ’90. I am almost completely cut off the world news so I had no idea what was going on lately. And so here I was looking to read new soapy post… sorry for being so ignorant. Hold on & stay strong!

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