Taiwan Swirl

Happy New Year, everyone!  Can you believe we are already 2 weeks into 2014?

As soon as registration for Amy’s Soap Challenge Club opened, I immediately signed up. I felt it was a good way to start blogging again for the New Year.  Just like most people, December all the way to early January is always a busy time for me, but I didn’t expect nearly a month would pass in between my blog posts. Aside from the holiday gatherings split between Cebu and Manila, my husband and I also attended a wedding and a funeral.

I was really excited to find out that January’s featured technique was the Taiwan Swirl. I have never even tried doing the simpler Mantra Swirl but I’ve always wanted to learn it.

I’m so glad I chose to use the wooden slab mold over my usual log mold. I didn’t want to have to split my soap horizontally and risk having no design for the bottom half.

I think I am in love with the Taiwan Swirl.  I find it so pretty and I can just stare at it for a long time. I will be honest though and say that it was not love at first sight. The first one I made had a yellow base, and pink and orange stripes. The pink and orange didn’t have enough contrast and ended up blending with one another, looking like it had no pattern.  I know I should take photos of it, but with the weather wet and dreary, the more I am in no mood to do so. 23˚C (73˚F) is about as cold as it gets here and I am totally relishing every minute of it.

So this is what love at second sight looks like:

Taiwan Swirl 1

Taiwan Swirl 4

Taiwan Swirl 3

Puppy Love

I am in love with the scent too- a combination of neroli and grapefruit F.O.s. I made soap with the same fragrance last July and it still smells dynamite! I am calling it Puppy Love because it smells fresh and innocent, and reminds me of children’s cologne.

26 thoughts on “Taiwan Swirl

  1. Marika

    That is pure beauty! I have never hard of the Taiwan swirl, but I might try it. I´m jealous that it is so warm there. It is like a typical Finnish summer day. It has been much warmer here in Finland than it normally is and we got the first snow last weekend. Now it is -15 C here in the southern parts. It is much colder in North Finland, about -30 to -35 C.

    1. soapjam Post author

      Thank you, Marika! The Taiwan Swirl is a really fun and lovely technique. I bet you’ll get hooked once you try it.
      Your typical summer is already our “winter”! I hope you’re enjoying the snow. 🙂

  2. mijnzeep1

    Silvia, I wish you a beautiful and healthy 2014!
    This soap is pure beauty( as Marika said!): gorgeous and so delicate, and love the choice of colours! Congratulatons, Silvia!

  3. Monica Glaboff (@SoapSudsations)

    Happy New Year Silvia! I think you said in an earlier blog that you’re a relatively new soaper and yet each soap you make looks like something done by an expert. This Taiwan swirl is absolutely gorgeous, you totally nailed it! Good luck with the soap challenge.

    1. soapjam Post author

      I’ve been soaping for 9 months now. Thanks to my family and friends who ordered soaps from me last Christmas, I was able to practice. Not all of my soaps always come out the way I want them to, but I am persistent. 🙂 Thank you for always being encouraging, Monica! 🙂

  4. Jenny

    Wow, that is a gorgeous soap, Silvia! I have heard of the Taiwan Swirl, but don’t know much about it. I’m going to have to look into it because it looks like a beautiful technique. Happy New Year to you, too!

    1. soapjam Post author

      Thank you, Jenny! I hope you get to try the Taiwan Swirl. It is so much fun to do! It’s actually quite easy, so long as your f.o. behaves. 🙂

  5. Vicki

    Happy New Year!
    Another beautiful soap Silvia….I love your choice of colours 😀 I’ve signed up for Amy’s challenge too, though I have to admit I’ve not even watched the tutorial yet. It’s highly unlikely that I’ll get around to making an entry either, but I just love seeing everyone else’s (plus it keeps me involved in the world of soap whilst I take a little break – 6 weeks until we move – eeek!)

    1. soapjam Post author

      Thank you, Vicki! Good luck on your move! Looking forward to read about your new place and all the new soaps you will be making in your dedicated soaping area. 🙂

  6. ecovioletsoap

    I love how your Taiwan Swirl came out! The colors are so distinct and crisp. I am also doing the soap challenge this month and I wish I tried it in a slab mold too – I used a log mold and it is harder to keep the colors from blending together. You also have to worry about the color making through the base soap too :p

    1. soapjam Post author

      I worried about the same thing too. Even with the slab mold, the colored portions didn’t reach all the way to the bottom, but thankfully, there is no need to split horizontally. I had to add more pink at the last minute because the original was a tad pale.
      Can’t wait to see your Taiwan Swirl, JV! 🙂

  7. DivaSoap

    It’s been awhile that I’m longing for a real slab mould, there are quite several techniques which I want to try! One of them is, of course, this one.
    Your soap is so inspiring and gorgeous and I’m sure the one you took as a failure, is gorgeous too! Great post to start new year,Silvia!

    1. soapjam Post author

      Thank you, Maja! My slab mold is just made out of plywood. Nothing fancy. I neither have a silicone liner nor dividers. It took me a while to have a slab mold made, and now I wonder what took me so long! I am sure you will have so much fun making new designs with the slab mold. Don’t deprive yourself, go get one already! 🙂

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