SoapJam’s First Bazaar

We joined our first bazaar last Saturday and we couldn’t have been more thrilled!  I found out about it through my best friend just a few days before, and even though it was at very short notice, the opportunity was simply too good to pass up.

The bazaar was organized for the members of Entrepreneurs Organization or EO Philippines.


It was held in one of the smaller ballrooms of  Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa. I was thankful that we were not outdoors as it would have been too hot.


It was an intimate mix of vendors selling artisan jewelry and accessories, hand-embroidered clothes, resort wear, cosmetics, food, home accents, etc. I enjoyed meeting the other vendors as much as I did with the customers. It was fun and interesting to see customers’ reactions as they smelled the soaps. They seemed to get a kick out of the Tsokolate soap made with our native chocolate called tableya. It looks and smells like real chocolate!  The best-seller was Black Currant & Mandarin.  Eyes lit up and lips curved into a smile when they smelled it. 


That’s me sitting on the right and Dyna on the left.

I had the help of Dyna, my wonderful office assistant (it was a Saturday so we closed the office for the day 😀 ), who proved to be excellent at selling. One of the wisest things we did was to bring cello bags, ribbons and gift tags for customers who wanted to create their own gift sets.  Packing soaps in sets, replenishing the display, and entertaining customers kept us busy. During lull times, we chatted with the other vendors and shopped!  😀


New calling cards. The contact details are at the back.

The bazaar pushed me to have calling cards made. It was such a rush job, but Warren of Drawing Board Creative was able to layout and print a simple but elegant design for me.  I was also forced to come up with a tag line for the calling cards.  The message I wanted to convey about the brand has been in my head for months but finding the few right words proved to be a challenge. So, finally, my tag line is: a treat for the skin, an adventure for the senses.  I think it captures my idea, but I am still open to tweaking it.  What do you think?


13 thoughts on “SoapJam’s First Bazaar

  1. EvelynRoseSoaps

    Silvia, You did a great job! 🙂 I love, love, selling in person since you get to interact with your customers. I don’t know if they have any arts & craft festivals in the Philippines, but if they do, go for it! I live outside of Atlanta, GA in the US, and we have so many awesome arts & craft festivals here. Although I do sell on-line, about 75% of my sells are during arts & craft festivals. If you can find a good one (attendance of 5 K +, and only 1 or 2 other soap makers), you can easily expect to sell at least 5 times your booth fee. Good luck to you and happy soaping!

  2. soapsudsations

    You put up a beautiful display especially with such little notice. I was looking at the picture of you and Dyna (you look fantastic by the way) and I thought those soaps look like fudge! Did you have people wanting to take a bite after they smelled your lovely soaps?

    What a super idea, allowing people to mix and match their soaps, that must’ve been great fun! Your tagline is perfect.

  3. mijnzeep1

    Congratulations, Silvia! Your calling cards look lovely, love their simplicity and the message, of course(it sounds like a poem)! I hope to hear soon about the next bazaars 😉

  4. Infusions

    I love your tag line and the calling cards are beautiful – simple and elegants!
    Congratulations on your first bazaar, Silvia! I hope you will have many more to come and we all will be able to enjoy the good news about your soap and customers.

  5. Madame Propre

    How exciting to go out and sell direct to customers! You will learn so much about the colours and fragrances that are most successful. You both look great! I wish you many more fairs!

  6. Jenny

    Congrats, Silvia! I’m glad that the bazaar went so well. Great idea bringing materials along so customers could create their own gift sets. And I like your tag line, too!

  7. ecovioletsoap

    Congrats on your first bazaar! You have such a wide array of soaps- I can appreciate all the work you put into this. I hope for many more successful bazaars in your future! As for me- you are right, I have been a bit silent on the web lately. Has been hectic the last few months- no time to soap, blog or even scope other blogs. Haven’t even planned my mother’s trip to the Phillippines (bad daughter- I know). I’ll shoot you an e-mail within the next week to touch base. 😉

  8. DivaSoap

    All perfectly lined up, as always! Soaps look even more gorgeous when display together. Hope you had a great time, your soaps excellently justfy the name of the show!

  9. soapjam Post author

    Thank you all for your sweet and encouraging comments. I love buying in bazaars and selling is even more fun! Have a good week and happy soaping! 🙂

  10. Gordana

    Congratulations Silvia on your first bazar! I can only imagine how excited it can be when you can meet costumers and present all those beautiful soaps you made. I whish you many more bazars to come!


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