Soap Goodies

Last April, Cee of Oil & Butter had a tagline-making contest and a giveaway. Surprise, surprise, I won the giveaway! I had it sent to my sister in California, to be shipped together with my E.O. and F.O. orders. After 2 long months, the box from my sister arrived the other day.  Woohoo! 🙂 Oh my, the bath cookie smells like the most heavenly shortbread cookie!  It’s kinda hard not to bite into  it.  I have not used the bath tub in a while, but now I have to so I can soak in the yummy goodness of the bath cookie. I immediately used the lip butter and I love the way it feels  creamy and luxurious. The lavender soap will have to wait for its turn but I am sure it will be nothing but awesome.  I still have several bars in the shower and there are a few others lined up to be used – the problems we face with too many soaps! 😀

Soap - Oil and Butter

Oil & Butter giveaway

My best friend went to Japan last April and she came home with the strangest looking soap for me. It’s supposed to be a cherry blossom soap but to my nose it smelled more like lychee. It was packed in plastic-lined paper (shown in the background, under the tag) and it was swimming in a bit of liquid. I had to google about this jelly-like soap, and as it turned out, it was something Lush popularised a few years ago that spawned many copycats. I would not be surprised if Lush got the idea from Japan.  The Japanese are always coming up with the coolest and most unique ideas.  I’ve been saving this soap to blog about.  With that out of the way, I can finally use this squishy fun soap tonight!  Wheee!

Soap -Jelly

Japanese Jelly Soap with gold flecks

Nearly every time I research on soap packaging, I come across Izola soaps. It was thus a pleasant surprise to be holding it in person, thanks to my Hong Kong-based friend who sent it to me for soapy inspiration.  She likes the size of the soap and the way it’s packaged as a set.

Soap- Izola

Izola Soaps: unscented oatmeal

She also sent me a Claus Porto soap for its scent, called Paradise Rose.

Soap - Porto

Claus Poro: Paradise Rose

I am one lucky girl to be receiving all these wonderful bath goodies. Thank you Cee, Candice and Alex! 🙂

Soap - 3 kinds

SoapJam Peppermint Oatmeal, Izola Oatmeal Soap, Claus Porto Paradise Rose


9 thoughts on “Soap Goodies

  1. Monica

    What wonderful gifts! The Japanese soap reminds me of some dessert we sometimes get after a Chinese banquet, so I would’ve been very tempted to take a bite out of it.

    The Izola soaps has a really nice packaging but I have to say I prefer yours for being able to see exactly what you’re getting.

    Enjoy all your new acquisitions!

    1. soapjam Post author

      Aww, I am flattered that you prefer my homey packaging to Izola’s stylish and polished look. Thank you, Monica. You always brighten my day. 🙂

  2. Maja

    Yummy, yummy! Cee tends more and more with time, to make deliciuos soaps, so I totally believe you how tempted you must have been to bite a bit of them.
    I’d like to see in person this Japanese jelly soap, because I had my moments with making it. Needless to say, I didn’t like it, but I’m still open to give another try. What I didn’t like wasn’t its consistency, but using it. Still don’t get the point of soap being jelly, except for its unique appearance. But, this one looks really fantastic, I’d grab it if I ever run into it.
    Izola soaps have really fun packaging, it looks like something you made!
    Have a terrific bubbly time using them all!

  3. soapjam Post author

    Ooh, I would love to see your version of the jelly soap! It was my first time to come across it and I thought it was really weird. It is a novelty for sure. I think it’s fun to use it but I still prefer to hold a solid bar of soap. 🙂

  4. mijnzeep1

    You got some lovely soaps+ lipstick from Cee, Silvia! Cee is very talented, so I can understand how lucky you feel receiving her soaps! Enjoy them!

    I have never heard of Izola soaps, but the packaging looks special and so artisanal, love them! Love the small size of paradise rose soap, and its whiteness!

  5. ecovioletsoap

    What fun goodies! I know what you meant about having a collection of soaps waiting to be used. I too have a collection of soaps from my travels but am trying to use up my own stash. 🙂

  6. Jenny

    Congrats on winning the giveaway, SIlvia! Cee’s products are so gorgeous. And thanks for sharing the Japanese products, too. The jelly soap sounds particularly interesting.


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