Triple Mint Dead Sea Mud

I love all things minty.  Inhaled, I find it soothing, comforting and at the same time energising. My taste buds have a thing for it, too.  I was in mint heaven when I visited Australia a few years ago.  They have a mint version of almost all their chocolates!  Have you seen mint KitKat before? I was so thrilled to discover it, and of course, I had to have my stash to take home.  🙂

I already make several soaps with mint, but I am always thinking of more variations.  This latest one is a Dead Sea Mud soap, aimed at acne-prone skin, yet none-drying.  It contains more than 50% olive oil, with coconut oil, cocoa butter, and castor oil making up the rest.  It also has fresh yogurt for its skin refining qualities.  For a spa-like scent, I used essential oils of Japanese Mint (mentha arvensis), spearmint (mentha spicata), peppermint (mentha piperita), cajeput (melaleuca cajeputi – a cousin of Tea Tree), Siberian fir (abies siberica), and dark patchouli (pogostemon cablin).  

Dead Sea Mud 1

Dead Sea Mud Collage 2

19 thoughts on “Triple Mint Dead Sea Mud

    1. soapjam Post author

      It is a soft and subtle mint. The fir note was a bit sharp at the start, but after 6 weeks of cure, it has mellowed out beautifully. It reminds me of a spa. 😊

  1. Infusions

    You have achieved an amazing thing – you bars look rustic and delicate at the same time, Silvia! I had no idea you liked mint so much 🙂 the blend of the three different mints enhanced with patchouli and fir must be intoxicating.

  2. Sly

    The scent blend sounds amazing! And the soaps look so beautiful.
    I love the use of Yogurt – did you use 100% in place of water, or more as an additive? (I have soaped with 100% beer, wine, coconut milk, & cream, but have not tried Yogurt.)
    Also, is there a dead sea clay in this too?
    I love your blogs and all your gorgeous soaps – thank you so much!!

    1. soapjam Post author

      Thank you so much, Sly. 😊 I don’t want the hassle of freezing yogurt and I also master batch my lye, so that leaves me with 50% yogurt. This soap contains Dead Sea Mud. It’s not dried clay that has been rehydrated. It’s mud in a jar. Hahaha!

  3. Madame Propre

    Hi Silvia. I wish I could smell this soap. It sounds very exciting. I will try mixing patchouli and mint. I only have two different mints and never married them. The lighting of your pictures is beautiful…

    1. soapjam Post author

      Thank you Madam Propre. 😊 I used the patchouli more as an anchor rather than as a key scent. To be honest I don’t like patchouli but I appreciate it in small amounts to complement or anchor other scents.

      I found a spot in my room that’s perfect for taking photos in the morning. The play of shadow and light is from the sheer window curtain. 😊

  4. Monica

    Triple mint, that sounds fantastic! I bought a shampoo from Aveda that’s rosemary mint and I love how that smells and feels. Your soap must be equally tingly and refreshing.


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