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Something Blue for Father’s Day

If my father were still here today, I am sure he would have enjoyed my soaps.  He loved smelling nice and clean.  I remember he would buy a lot of bath products during his travels, and he had a row of cologne bottles and after-shaves on his bathroom counter.  He also liked designing and fabricating things, like the mini island in our kitchen which also served as a huge chopping board.  The surface was solid wood with a thick stainless steel frame.  I bet he would have had fun helping me with some of my soaping needs.

Father’s day is just around the corner and this year I remembered to prepare early.  I try to have a good variety of colors for my display, but currently I have more blues than usual. Yes, it was by design, but coincidentally blue is one of my favourite colors to soap with.  I like how there are so many different shades and tones to choose from and I think all of them are beautiful.  They tend to stay true to their colour, and unlike yellow and orange,  I don’t need to use as much.

Vetiver and Sage 3

Vetiver & Sage – fresh top notes of lemon, grapefruit, rosemary and sage, balanced with light florals, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver and musk


Deauville – a breezy unisex blend of orange, ginger, ozone, hyacinth, vetiver and light musk.

Ocean 1

Ocean – smells fresh and soothing with ozone, marine and watery notes, and eucalyptus.

Tropical Sunset

Tropical Sunset – bottom blue part is scented with coconut cream; upper part is a delicious fruity mix of lime, pineapple, papaya and passionfruit.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads! 🙂


Lavender Mist

Even though we don’t have Black Friday sales here in the Philippines, I still get excited to check out the deals online. I was behaved and made just one purchase, which will take 2-3 months to reach me.  It’s quite a wait – a good practice in delayed gratification. 😛

I hope you all had a fun Thanksgiving weekend! Did you snag some good bargains? 🙂

No soap making for me over the weekend, just a lot of packing. One of them was Lavender Mist – a big, bold and beautiful lavender scent. The first time I made this, i used 2 tones of violet mica.  I changed it up to blue and violet, and I must say I really  like this new combo.

Lavender Mist 1

Lavender Mist 2

Lavender Mist 3

Lavender Mist




Before I begin, let me just announce that this is my 100th post! 🙂  To everyone following my blog, thank you so much for reading and leaving comments. I hope to keep things interesting and I look forward to the 200th blog post!

Can you believe it’s 34 more days until Christmas?  I still have not made my Christmas list.  Mentally, I have, but with the way I keep on misplacing my phone and keys, it does not amount to much.  This year though, I was early with my Christmas soaps in anticipation of my trip to Japan at the end of October – where I met up with Tokyo-based Maya, the creator of Infusion‘s ethereal soaps.

We spent the morning and lunch together, and talked non-stop! I am not exactly the talkative type, and I don’t think Maya is either, but it felt natural and easy to connect with her.  And you know what, our conversation was probably only 10% about soap!  We were supposed to go to Shinjuku Gyoen National Park, but because of a recent bout of dengue fever incidents, the park was temporarily closed.  We ended up chatting away in a Tully’s coffee shop until it was time to meet my husband and a friend for lunch at Maya’s favourite sushi boat restaurant.  Had the park been open, perhaps we would have remembered to whip out our cameras.  But with Japan only 4.5 hours from the Philippines, there will definitely be more visits to Japan and I am hoping Maya will find her way to our shores.  By then we shall have photos taken together! 🙂

Back to soap, the ones I made in September are mostly gone.  I have been busily making new soaps and remaking favourites since I came back from my trip. Last year I only had 2 holiday-themed soaps, but this year, I have been bitten by the Christmas soap bug. You may find here the first set that I made, and here’s another one….


A warm and rich blend of juicy mandarin, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood and spices. The colors are inspired by the beloved Christmastime ballet performance, The Nutcracker.

I made 4 batches and they all have different colour intensities and patterns.  For some batches, I poured the coloured portions on one side only, and for the others, I poured in the middle.  Which do you prefer?

Nutcracker 1

Nutcracker 2

Nutcracker 3

Nutcracker 4

Nutcracker 6

Nutcracker 5






Zahida Map is undeniably the queen of butterfly hanger swirls.  She has inspired me to try her technique of moving the hanger not just up and down, but sideways and round about too. Because of her, I am more hooked than ever on the hanger swirl.  There is an element of thrill in that you never know what you’re going to get until you cut the soap.

For this technique to work, the soap batter has to be just the perfect consistency. Too thin and the swirls won’t look well-defined; too thick and the swirls won’t look fluid and there will most likely be air pockets.

Earlier this year I made soap called Puppy Love – scented with neroli and grapefruit.  I am partial to both neroli/orange blossom and citrus scents for their fresh and uplifting quality.  They are also imprinted in my olfactory memory – bringing me back to childhood scents that I’ve never grown tired of.

Tivoli is a slightly adjusted version of Puppy Love, but I definitely prefer the colors of this new one better. Looking at and smelling it reminds me of a beautiful garden where children play.  I thought of naming it Secret Garden but somehow it did not feel right.  As I was thinking of gardens, Tivoli popped up in my head one day.  I like the name and it seems to fit better.  I have not been to the gardens of Villa d’Este in Tivoli, Italy (although I was close to it 2 years ago), but now I have more reason to visit it. 🙂

I made 4 batches and I love the way all of them turned out.  The photos below are from different batches.

Tivoli 1

Tivoli 2

Tivoli 5

Tivoli 3

Tivoli 6

Holiday Soaps

Oh my, where did time go?!  It has been 2 months since my last post, and Christmas is just 73 days away.  I may have been neglectful with blogging, but I’ve actually been busy making soap. In fact, lots of soap, but barely enough time to take photos!

Next weekend, my husband and I are taking off for a holiday in Japan.  I am so excited for our trip and to be meeting a fellow soaper and blogger. Yup! I have a date with Maya of Infusions on October 27.  🙂

Before I leave, here’s a peak into my holiday line-up.

1. Peppermint Bark – one of my favourite candies!  I also love it in soap form, although smelling it makes me hungry.

Peppermint Bark

Peppermint Bark

2.  Jack Frost – winter air mingles with candied citrus, berries, forest pine, cool peppermint and vanilla.  It’s a gorgeous unisex scent that sticks.

Jack Frost

Jack Frost

3.  Pumpkin Spice Latte – smooth and creamy coffee aroma made richer with pumpkin spice. I am not a fan of pumpkin pie but surprisingly I really like the way this smells!  It’s more coffee than spice.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin Spice Latte

4.  Snow – a few months back, I made an all-white soap called Aqua.  And how to turn water into snow? With a splash of cooling peppermint, naturellement!



5.  Winter Wonderland – a beautiful medley of candied citrus, red currant, balsam, woods, and spice.  Some find it a bit on the masculine side, but I personally love it and think it’s good for both men and women.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Thank you for stopping by and wishing you a great week ahead! 🙂


Ginger Persimmon

Yes. It’s another hanger swirl – the third post in a row. If you missed the earlier ones, you can find them here and here, but I promise the next post will be something different. 🙂

I love the way the swirls came out on this one, and I just loooove the way it smells! Finally a pungent ginger that really pops without too much of the earthiness. It reminds me of ginger ale with just a bit of fruity and honey sweetness.  I find the scent comforting and I think it would be a great blender, too.  That said, the scents that I find fantastic are not necessarily the most popular, and conversely, scents that are popular are sometimes not my type.  Where do you find yourself? Does your taste run similar to your customers’?

For the swirls, I used a scant 1/4 tsp burgundy oxide for 400 grams of soap, and 1 tsp (sample size) of peach sunset mica for the same amount of soap.

Ginger Persimmon 1

ginger persimmon 2

Ginger Persimmon 3

Ginger Persimmon 4

Hope your week is going great! 🙂

Hanger Swirl

The Hanger Swirl is such a popular technique but can you believe that it’s just now, after more than a year of soaping, that I am doing it? I’ve been admiring hanger swirl soaps, but for the longest time, I could not find a wire hanger! I finally did a few months ago but it was children-sized and I could not take it apart to make it longer.

I still used it anyway for this Black Amber and Lavender soap I made early in June:

Black Amber and Lavender

Black Amber and Lavender – my first hanger swirl.

Weeks later, I found an old, green plastic-coated wire hanger in my mom’s house – the kind that’s easy to dismantle and reshape into a tool for making soap designs.  Not only that, I was able to buy recently a new set of large wire hangers. And with my new pliers, I was able to stretch it out to 18″ – the size of my molds.  Just when I was thinking where are all the wire hangers in the world – they start appearing everywhere! 😀

Needless to say, I’ve been swirling away with my new toy. Here are some of my recent makes:

Lemon Rose 3

Lemon Rose 1

Lemon Rose 2

Lemon Rose

Lemon Verbena 1

Lemon Verbena 2

Lemon Verbena

I have been soaping quite a bit I don’t even remember if I used a hanger on this purple soap.  I thought I did, but looking at it now, I think I did not.

Purple Orchid 1

Purple Orchid 2

Purple Orchid

For a top (hanger) swirl design, I find that using chopsticks does the job just as well.  This soap was swirled with a chopstick:

Honeysuckle 1

Honeysuckle 2

Lavender Honeysuckle

The oddest thing happened with the above Lavender Honeysuckle soap. When I added the fragrance to the pink portion (coloured with pink lemonade mica), it instantly turned violet. When I unmolded the soap, it had returned to pink. Has anyone experienced this?



Soap Goodies

Last April, Cee of Oil & Butter had a tagline-making contest and a giveaway. Surprise, surprise, I won the giveaway! I had it sent to my sister in California, to be shipped together with my E.O. and F.O. orders. After 2 long months, the box from my sister arrived the other day.  Woohoo! 🙂 Oh my, the bath cookie smells like the most heavenly shortbread cookie!  It’s kinda hard not to bite into  it.  I have not used the bath tub in a while, but now I have to so I can soak in the yummy goodness of the bath cookie. I immediately used the lip butter and I love the way it feels  creamy and luxurious. The lavender soap will have to wait for its turn but I am sure it will be nothing but awesome.  I still have several bars in the shower and there are a few others lined up to be used – the problems we face with too many soaps! 😀

Soap - Oil and Butter

Oil & Butter giveaway

My best friend went to Japan last April and she came home with the strangest looking soap for me. It’s supposed to be a cherry blossom soap but to my nose it smelled more like lychee. It was packed in plastic-lined paper (shown in the background, under the tag) and it was swimming in a bit of liquid. I had to google about this jelly-like soap, and as it turned out, it was something Lush popularised a few years ago that spawned many copycats. I would not be surprised if Lush got the idea from Japan.  The Japanese are always coming up with the coolest and most unique ideas.  I’ve been saving this soap to blog about.  With that out of the way, I can finally use this squishy fun soap tonight!  Wheee!

Soap -Jelly

Japanese Jelly Soap with gold flecks

Nearly every time I research on soap packaging, I come across Izola soaps. It was thus a pleasant surprise to be holding it in person, thanks to my Hong Kong-based friend who sent it to me for soapy inspiration.  She likes the size of the soap and the way it’s packaged as a set.

Soap- Izola

Izola Soaps: unscented oatmeal

She also sent me a Claus Porto soap for its scent, called Paradise Rose.

Soap - Porto

Claus Poro: Paradise Rose

I am one lucky girl to be receiving all these wonderful bath goodies. Thank you Cee, Candice and Alex! 🙂

Soap - 3 kinds

SoapJam Peppermint Oatmeal, Izola Oatmeal Soap, Claus Porto Paradise Rose