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Jo Malone

It was my birthday last month, and my best friend, ever supportive, got me these from her recent trip:

Jo malone 1

Oh wow. These are probably the best smelling soaps I’ve come across.  I especially like the Lime Basil & Mandarin and Pomegranate Noir, but I was surprised to find the Red Roses agreeable even though I normally dislike anything rose.   The blend of fragrances is so perfectly balanced, sophisticated, and potent without being headache-inducing. Now, this kind of refinement and perfection is definitely worth aspiring for! I know Jo Malone is on an entirely different universe, but hey, it’s absolutely free to dream. I now want to be a perfumist!  🙂

Jo malone 2

Jo Malone 4

I have not used the soaps yet. They are so pretty and delicious smelling, I will probably keep them for a while.  Like many commercial soaps, it consists mainly of palm and palm kernel oils with a little shea butter.  Here is the ingredient list:Jo Malone 3

Soap Stamping

A plastic surgeon in action…….

……..stamping  avocado and cucumber soaps!

Thank you Dr. F.B.!   You just made these soaps extra special!

Doctor hard at work.

soap stamping 3

Soap stamping 1

All Dressed Up

I enjoy packaging just as much as soap making. Right now I am into wrapping without the use of tape, if possible. I have found the waxy packaging paper for rice or sandwiches the perfect material for wrapping soaps.

The printed blue paper is scented shelf-liner that was given to me two Christmases ago.  They are great shelf-liners, but I think they make prettier soap packaging.  The scent is mild and somehow blends well with the soap.

I don’t like giving away naked soaps, so here they are, dressed, and ready to go:

green velvet wrapped

charcoal annatto wrapped

charcoal oatmeal 2