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40 Things About Me

Last May 2, 2013, I emailed Jennifer of Jenora Soaps to let her know I admired her work and to ask her some questions.  I was so excited to receive her immediate reply.  She wanted to be posted on my progress and asked if I had a blog.  Umm, no. But that gave me the push I needed, and so my first post was published on May 11.

I used my blog to document my new hobby on soap making. I didn’t know anything about blogging and I was just in my own little world.  I visited a lot of blogs, but it never occurred to me to leave comments.  After a few lonesome months all by myself, I read somewhere about the importance of leaving comments.  And so I did.  It felt good to interact and slowly become a part of the soaping community.  My blog was no longer just about soap, without feelings.  It started to be a little bit of an extension of myself.

Please don’t worry, SoapJam will still be primarily about soap!  But I would also like to share a little bit about food, travel, discoveries, DIY, and things that catch my attention – subjects I think most of us share common interests in.

I am a very private person and prefer to remain in the background or anonymous.   But after being here for nearly a year and enjoying your company, I thought it would be nice if you knew a little bit about me. It would be an honour if our awesome little community also got to know a little bit about you. 🙂

So let me start the ball rolling…

1.  My name is Silvia, but friends and family call me Bunny – a nickname my late father gave me when I was small.

2. I live with my husband and 2 dogs, Thor – a pug, and Chewie – a shi-tzu, in Cebu City, Philippines.

3.  I am crazy about Chewie.  Please don’t judge me for playing favorites.

4.  I’m addicted to making soap (isn’t it obvious?)

5.  I love blogging and the people I meet here.

6.  I hoard tea towels and kitchen towels.

7.  I have a thing for pure linen, especially vintage.

8.  I love porcelain, china, and glass.

9.  I love cookware, kitchen gadgets, tools and equipments.  A lot of them are useful for making soap, too.

10.  I love cute/small containers.

11.  I love carbs in all forms, and cheese, from mild to stinky.

12.  Comfort food for me is a bowl of hot noodle soup (wonton noodle, pho, ramen, etc.)

13.  I was a vegan for 5 months in 2011, after reading The China Study by T. Colin Campbell. Christmas came and the ham did me in.  I now eat anything but I wouldn’t mind going vegetarian again.

14.  I have struggled with procrastination my whole life.  Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.

15.  I think I have ADHD.  It’s so hard to focus on one thing, unless it becomes an obsession.

16.  My memory is bad.  My college roommate and I think it’s because of all the disposable aluminum pans we used back then.  Her memory is also bad.

17.  I am tech-challenged, but I will learn if I really really have to.  I will hang on to my antiquated phone and computer as long as I can.

18.  I am considered anti-social in the world of social media.  Not wanting to be completely irrelevant, I am trying to change this.  I used FB for a few months and didn’t open it for over 4 years until last year.

19.  I have been running 2 small cafes the past 15 years.

20.  My passion for cooking and baking has been overshadowed by soap making.

21.  I am guilty of neglecting my work.  I should fire myself already.

22.  I love the people I work with. When they’re not giving me a headache.

23.  My family is fruity and nutty, but I love them anyway.

24.  I love my husband and his family.  It’s far from perfect, but I am happy to be married to him and to have in-laws from heaven.

25.  I don’t have many friends, but the few I have, I treasure.

26.  My friends are scattered all over the world.  I would like to be better at keeping in touch.  FB seems to be the answer, but I still need to learn to embrace it.

27.  I enjoy walking and letting my mind wander.

28.  I like quiet.

29.  I love staying at home.  Maybe a little too much.  Luckily my husband likes staying home too.

30.  I admire Anne Marie Faiola of Bramble Berry.  I think she’s a genius and Superwoman.

31.  I would like to be as crafty as Martha Stewart.  I also wouldn’t mind to be as wealthy as she is.  But honestly I wouldn’t know what to do with all that money.

32.  I would like to learn how to sew, make pottery, write calligraphy, etch wood, do all sorts of paper craft, study about herbs and natural medicine, and learn how to become a perfumer or a nose.

33.  I love paper.  I used to collect stationery and barter single sheets with my elementary classmates.

34.  I would like to learn graphic design, but since I am not very good with computers, I will just let someone else do it.

35.  I enjoy photography.

36.  My favorite attire, or what I call my uniform, is a t-shirt, pair of jeans, and ballet flats.

37.  My favorite accessories are a pair of earrings and a scarf.

38.  My favorite scents are Arancia and Mirto, both by Aqua di Parma.  I also like Eau Ressourcante by Clarins, and I have very fond childhood memories of Tartine et Chocolat, and Love Baby Soft.

39.  I am too lazy to fix my hair and blow dry it, so I opted to cut it short instead of tying it in a bun or pony tail all the time.

40.  My husband stumbled upon this ad campaign.  I never tire of it and I am in love with the music and choreography.

Whew, I got carried away.  I didn’t think it would reach forty.  🙂

Thank you for taking time to read my blog.  I hope you linger around, and if we haven’t met yet, I would love to make your acquaintance.  🙂

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