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New Look for All-Natural Line

I’ve had this stamp since February, but it was only end of last month that I started giving more time to creating an all-natural line.  I think the stamp adds a nice touch to the simplicity of the soaps.  I also decided to go for a texturised top to make it look less plain – and to have fun playing with the surface design!

My dilemma now is the packaging.  My current kraft paper wrap would go perfectly with the all-natural theme, but the uneven top makes it impractical. I am thinking of trying out plastic packaging. I know it seems contradictory, but I am interested to find out too if people will be more drawn to soap that they can see immediately.

Below is a beer soap I made a month ago.  I used my standard recipe of olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, rice bran oil, and cocoa butter.  It is exceptionally smooth, and I am surprised at how light the colour is.  I did not use T.D., only kaolin clay at 1% of my oils by weight.  I don’t know how to describe the scent, but that it is mild and pleasant.  It contains 7 essential oils: bergamot, orange, peppermint, petit grain, cedar atlas, benzoin, and star anise.

Beer Soap

Beer Soap Close Up

Beer Soap

The next one is a yogurt soap scented with palmarosa, lavender, orange and grapefruit. I used white rice flour at 1% of oil weight to anchor the scent. Right now I am not quite understanding the scent.  But I don’t want to judge yet until it has fully cured in two weeks.

Palmarosa 3

Palmarosa 2

Palmarosa 1

Palmarosa Lavender Soap