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Custom Stamp Giveaway: Share a Soaping Tip or Trick

Since getting my stamp last month, I still haven’t mastered the precise way of stamping soaps – sometimes I hammer too hard, or too lightly, or lopsidedly. But one thing for sure is that I love stamping soaps and the resulting look. To celebrate my first soap anniversary this April 3, I thought I’d share the joy by giving away an acrylic stamp with your own logo or design. All soap makers from anywhere in the world are welcome to join!

All you need to do is share your favorite soaping tip or trick in the comments section, or on Facebook  (would be awesome, too, if you “like” SoapJam 🙂 ).  If you have already written a post or tutorial about it, a link would be highly appreciated.  If you share a soaping tip or trick here, and another one on Facebook, it will count as 2 entries.  The idea is to provide a resource for soap makers – a kind of pay-it-forward.

Cut-off will be on April 2, 9 PM Philippine time, and the winner will be announced the following day.  I will need a pdf file of your logo or artwork to have your custom stamp made. If you are not yet ready with your logo, we can wait.  The stamp I will be sending is going to be the acrylic portion only, without a handle.  It works fine without a handle, but if you wish, you can buy a generic wooden handle and glue it to the stamp.

Soap Stamp

Here is one of my latest soap creations with a thicker stamp.  It’s a soothing fragrance combination of lavender, honey, and almond. I mixed ultramarine blue and african violet pigment to get the lavender colour. The original mixture came out greyish, so I had to hastily mix more ultramarine blue with oil to add to the soap batter.  The swirls of this batch reminds me of an earlier soap I made called Lavender Mist. But of course I like this better because of the stamp. 😉

Lavender Almond

Lavender Almond

For my own contribution, here’s a link to a tutorial I made on Lye Masterbatching.

Thank you for reading and for your participation! Wishing you a happy and bubbly week! 🙂







Custom Soap Stamp & Sneak Peek

(Whoopsie! I just corrected my spelling. I originally wrote Sneek Peak!!!)

From the very start, I’ve always wanted a custom soap stamp. I think it adds that extra touch to the look of the soap, and is a great way for branding and personalising.

Not withstanding the lack of a logo, I had a generic stamp made. These were some of my earlier soaps (they looked so rough!):

Stamped Coffee Soap

Coffee Soap

Stamped Charcoal Soap

Charcoal Soap

I used my “handmade” stamp for only a few months.  This year, I had two new stamps made with my logo. One is for my all-natural line (will post about that in the future), and featured below, is the general all-around stamp.

The first few batches I stamped didn’t produce very clean impressions.

Peach Sunset 1

Peach Sunset

Citrus Berry

Citrus Berry

Peach White Tea

Peach White Tea

Then I remembered Modern Soapmaking’s tutorial wherein Kenna stamped her soaps immediately after cutting, and used a rubber mallet to whack the stamp. I didn’t think the mallet would make a big difference, but it did the trick! I only had a metal mallet, though.  Thankfully, nothing happened to the stamp, even with its flimsy makeshift wooden handle.

Stamped Oatmeal Soap

Yogurt and Oats

Wake Me Up!

Wake Me Up!

Would you like to have your own custom soap stamp? 😀

My first soap anniversary is coming up this April 3 and I feel like celebrating! I’ve got two activities lined up: 1) an interview with an inspiring and talented soaper, and 2) a custom soap stamp give-away (open to soapers from all over the world!)

If you’re not yet following this blog, I’d like to invite you to follow through e-mail or Facebook, so you don’t miss a thing. Stay tuned! 😀

Acrylic soap stamps