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1st Soap Anniversary & Giveaway Winner

SoapJam 1st Bday

Don’t you love my 2-tiered chocolate birthday cake? ย A big thank you to my friend, ย Bry O. – talented, albeit sardonic graphic designer and comic writer –ย for picking out this cake for me and making it extra special with the lettering. ย I am also very grateful to him for helping me with my logo, sticker, and soap wrapper. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s hard to believe it has been a year since I made my first soap. I remember how nervous and excited I was. The soap didn’t turn out so well, but taking that first step made me realise that soap making wasn’t as scary or difficult as I thought it would be. ย It is, however, very challenging and highly addicting!

I wish I had saved a bar of my first soap, but the entire batch, along with many others, went into the donation box last November. By then, it had shrunken quite a bit. ย I did keep a few pieces from the succeeding batches. I removed them from the drawer last week and took this photo:

Top (L-R): Gregory Lee White's Basic Soap, Aloe Vera, Anne Watson's Basic Soap Middle: "Ambitious" Soap, Beer and Egg  Bottom: Green Velvet, Charcoal & Oatmeal

Top (L-R): Gregory Lee White’s Master Batch Basic Soap, Aloe Vera, Anne L. Watson’s Basic Soap (70% Olive Oil, 30% Coconut Oil)
Middle: “Ambitious” Soap (charcoal and turmeric), Beer and Egg
Bottom: Green Velvet (it was greenish for a few days), Charcoal & Oatmeal

My “Ambitious” soap had the most notable change. The off-white portion used to be orange from the turmeric. Since it was wrapped with paper, I wouldn’t know when the colour started to fade. Click here to see how it looked a year ago, and to know why I called it Ambitious Soap.

The only bar that developed the dreaded orange spot, or DOS, was the aloe vera soap. Out of the 4 bars that I kept, it appeared only on one.

The beer and egg soap shrunk the most. I wrote the recipe here. As you can see, the liquid content was really high. My first few batches were at around 28% lye concentration. ย As I understood soap making more, I moved it up to 33%. ย These days I normally soap at 35-37% lye concentration.


And now, for the winner of the giveaway…….

The custom soap stamp goes to Maja of Diva Soap!

I wrote the name of every participant on a piece of paper and noted whether it came from my blog or Facebook. Maja had an entry in each, and it was her Facebook entry that got picked. ย In this case, having the highest probability worked in her favor.

Congratulations, Maja! Please email me your logo at info at soapjam dot com.

To all of you, thanks a million for reading and leaving comments. My soaping adventure would have been a shade less fun if it weren’t for your company. ๐Ÿ™‚