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Merry Christmas

It has been a while since I posted and this has constantly been on my mind.  After all, this blog and soapmaking are my babies – born one month apart.  It’s just that it is much faster for me to post pictures and updates primarily on Instagram, and secondarily on Facebook.  I hope you follow me there!

Last Sunday was my last day to make soap for the year.  It’s nice to see my kitchen free of soapmaking clutter!  There’s still a lot of things to do and finish before my husband and I leave for Tokyo, where we will be spending the New Year.  I am really looking forward to this break and to see Maya again!

For those of you who have been following my blog, you know that I have a beloved shih-tzu named Chewie. He is currently in doggie hospital for ehrlichia, a serious bacterial infection transmitted by ticks.  Not only that, he needs his gallbladder removed for stones, but I am still hoping that the reading is wrong, or that the stones would miraculously dissolve, so that he would not require surgery.  He is staying in the hospital until we come back.  Please send him prayers and healing energy.

To close the year, I leave you with these holiday soaps I made.  See you again in 2016!  Wishing you all a Joyful Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, and Peaceful New Year!

Gift Basket 2

Gift Basket

jack frost

Jack Frost





Red Currant and Pine 1

Red Currant and Pine

Vanilla Mint

Vanilla Mint


My M.I.L.’s New Favorite

Since I’ve known my my mother-in-law (nearly 8 years), her all-time favorite scent has always been lavender.  But ever since I gave her Honeysuckle soap last year, she has declared it as her new favorite.  Poor lavender.  She hasn’t given it a second glance since she fell in love with the heady and sexy honeysuckle.

Honeysuckle 2

I have never smelled the real flower, so I don’t know if what I have is the real deal.  I bought several honeysuckle fragrances from various suppliers, and they all smell different.  I made a blend of the ones that I like and added a little bit of other floral elements to bring everything together.

Honeysuckle 3

I think this is my 4th time to make Honeysuckle, and so far this is the best looking.  I love the bright colors and the soap batter was behaved enough for me to make hanger swirls.  Typical of most florals, this usually becomes thick quite fast, and in the past, the yellowish fragrance oil had a tendency to turn pink into peach.

Honeysuckle 1

I thought I was not into florals, but it is becoming apparent that I am wrong.  To my surprise, many of my top picks are florals, including honeysuckle.  What’s your favourite floral? 🙂


Black Vetiver

Looking at my empty racks, I jumped right back to soaping on January 2.  But this time, it was at a leisurely pace. When I don’t soap for a couple of weeks, I feel rusty and my hands and arms seem heavier!  And it’s the same with blogging for me. Consider this my New Year blogging warm-up. 🙂

Here is Black Vetiver, a dupe of Jo Malone’s Black Vetyver Cafe, described as “a bitter coffee bean steeped in earthy notes of vetiver and temple incense.”  I have not smelled the original, but I mighty love the way this one came out in soap. I don’t smell coffee, but I detect woods, vanilla, and incense – making for a complex, sensual and mysterious scent.

I made 3 batches late last year, all using the hanger swirl technique, each with its own unique look. I had a hard time parting with them, but since my stock was running low, I eventually just kept 2 bars for myself.  I will definitely be making a new batch soon.

Black Vetiver 1


Black Vetiver 3


Black Vetiver 4

Black Vetiver