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Soap Rocks

I used to collect and save all the shavings and trimmings from bevelling my soaps with the intent of rebatching them or making them into confetti soaps.  More often than not, I lack the desire, or maybe it’s laziness, to repurpose them.  Knowing this about myself, I immediately make them into soap rocks – when they’re still fresh and soft, and easy to squeeze/compact and shape.  They’re all for personal use, and my mom, most especially, loves them. She keeps on emphasising that even when dropped, they don’t break.

The combination of different soaps is sometimes the basis of a new scent. If not for these soap rocks, I would have never thought to combine coffee, lavender, peppermint, sandalwood and vanilla.  Sounds weird, but smells divine!

Soap Rocks 1.1

Soap Rocks 2.2

Soap Rocks 3.3

Happy Sunday! 🙂