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Tomato Rosemary Soap

It’s really hard for me to make plain soap with just oil and water.  I always want to add something, whether it be a different liquid, dried herbs and spices, charcoal, clays, or fruits and vegetables.  Tomato has long been on my to-do list and last weekend I finally made soap with it!

I used a yogurt soap base made with olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, rice bran oil and cocoa butter.  I used tomato paste for the bottom layer, ground rosemary and green chrome oxide for the second, and a touch of titanium dioxide for the top layer (I think the cocoa butter and the rosemary oleoresin extract I use as an antioxidant for my oils give off a yellow tint).

I love how this soap turned out! Now I know tomato paste is the key to a natural orange color.  I used annatto before, and while the powder is a deep orange, the outcome in soap is yellow.  The tomato paste sets the soap batter quickly once poured into the mold, so it’s just perfect for a layered design with straight lines.  I scented this with rosemary and litsea cubeba essential oils.  It smells like fresh lemongrass to me.

Tomato rosemary 1tomato rosemary 2

tomato rosemary 3

Left to right: charcoal green tea, tomato rosemary, rosemary eucalyptus