Tapeless Wrapping

Dear Maja and Vicki, this one’s for you!

paper wrapping 1

Center the soap on the paper.

paper wrapping 2

Pull ends to overlap.

paper wrapping 3

Turn over soap.

paper wrapping 4

Push in top ends of the paper at the same time (so that soap does not move).

paper wrapping 5

Fold in the sides.

paper wrapping 6

Bring the edge of the soap in line with the edge of the table. Push down the flap so that it is a straight line. (This is an important step if you want clean, crisp corners)

paper wrapping 7

Turn over the soap again and fold in the flaps.

paper wrapping 8

Voila! Soap wrapping without tape.

31 thoughts on “Tapeless Wrapping

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  2. DivaSoap

    I need to try this, cos I’m losing the thread between last two steps. I can get where the flaps have finished. Thanks dear Silvia for posting this tutorial, I’ll try this for sure.

  3. Vicki

    Thank you thank you thank you 😀 That is awesome! At the moment I tie cellophane bags with raffia but yours looks so much more professional. I’ll definitely be giving this a go (I’ve pinned it too).

  4. Monica Glaboff (@SoapSudsations)

    How sweet of you to share your packaging with us. You did 750 of those? Did you have to cut them all yourself, or did you get them dye cut for you? What a super idea for wrapping up the soaps,and I guess you could use that same concept on all sorts of other things, couldn’t you?

    1. soapjam Post author

      I tried cutting it myself but it was just way more than I could handle. I ended up having it done by a printer. I was able to get it inexpensively because it was just simple cutting. For the tags, I wanted the edges curved, but the price would have doubled because then it would be a die-cut process. So I just left the tags as is with the sharp corners.

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    1. soapjam Post author

      Hi En! The flaps are folded and go to the bottom of the soap, as shown on the second to the last photo. I know it looks unfinished, but that’s it, and it stays in place. 🙂

      1. En

        Thanks for clarifying! 😀 But that would mean it’s not very secured isn’t it? Or maybe the paper u used is very stiff but I tried and the flaps keep getting in the way unless I tape them down. Also not ideal as u got the words behind and the flaps will hide part of them. If the paper is soft enough u can actually push it upwards then fold it down into the opening, that would secure it more, I like that better.

  6. Stavroskalantzis

    This iswonderful packaging but is it possible to get informed about the size of the paper as an example my soap is 5cm x 8cm x 2,5 cm 100gr

    1. soapjam Post author

      Hi Stavros! The size of my paper is 19.5cm x 13.5cm, and the size of my soap is 8.25cm x 5cm x 3cm, around 135 grams – a bit larger than yours. You’d just need to reduce the size of your paper accordingly and make a template to have it just right. Hope this helps! 🙂

  7. the Wellness Coach

    may i ask a question about this wonderful technique? what is the size of the paper you start out with? also i did not know the printer would do such a thing. do you just bring a template of sorts to them?
    thank you.

    1. soapjam Post author

      Hello Wellness Coach! 🙂 The size of my paper is 7.75″ x 5.25″. Yes, I made a template to make sure it is just the right size for my soaps, and I gave the printer the measurements. Hope this helps. 🙂

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