Soap Favors for a June Wedding

Have you ever wondered why June is the most popular month for weddings?  Perhaps most of you already know, but I didn’t until I read The History of June Weddings.

In essence, it was all about practicality in the olden days.  June meant warmer weather and a good time to take one’s annual bath.  Since people were at their cleanest and least smelly during this month, it would logically be the best time for a union. Children conceived during the honeymoon – referring to the first full moon after the summer solstice on June 21- would be born the following spring, thus escaping the harsh winter and not interfering with the fall harvest.

Nowadays people are clean all through out the year, and unless one is a farmer, no one has to think about harvest, yet June’s popularity for weddings hasn’t waned.  Undeniably, it is a beautiful and colourful time of the year.

Last month, I was approached by a lovely young couple to make 220 soap favours for their June wedding on the 13th, which, coincidentally, was also my birthday!  They chose Lavender Mist and Ginger Apple for their scents, and their only request was to have a custom stamp reflecting the design on their invite.  They were fine with my normal packaging, but I personally wanted something more special for them.  And this is where the saying “if there is a will, there is a way” applies.

I have seen on Pinterest cute packaging ideas featuring a doily folded on top of a paper bag, with a ribbon securing it.  I thought doilies evoked the perfect feel for a romantic wedding, and since I love those stuff, I’ve managed to hoard a small stash.  🙂  The idea was there but how to execute it?

MC Apple 3

For me the problem is usually about finding the right materials.  I could not use my normal plastic packaging since it doesn’t have side folds and would not fit the look I was going for.  I went all around town and couldn’t find the right plastic with the right size for a single bar of soap.  I had some custom-made plastic bags for my granola, but it was too big.  At that point, I had to improvise, yet remain mindful of the amount of time it required. In the end, I found an efficient way to tailor fit the plastic for the granola by chopping a good 6″ off the top, adjusting the side fold to follow the back border of the soap, and folding and taping the excess plastic at the bottom.  Plastic has a tendency to slide and dance around, so making those folds was very challenging.

After I conquered the plastic part, I had to deal with punching the doily with plastic sandwiched in between.  My single hole puncher had a hard time punching through all the layers.  Surprisingly, my smaller hole puncher did a better job, but every now and then, it would get stuck after punching and would not open.  This required prying with the handle of a spoon, and sometimes doing so would rip the doily.  Originally, I was going to make two side by side holes for the ribbon, but no way was I going to punch more than I had to.  I settled for a single hole, and as you can see, that worked out fine, too.  🙂

MC Lavender Collage

Lavender Mist

MC Apple Collage

Ginger Apple

I was really excited to make these soap favours and it pushed me to be creative.  I am very thankful to the couple, Manolo and Chinggay, for giving me the opportunity to make their wedding favours, and for allowing me to blog about it.  I wish you both all the love and joy a marriage can bring.  🙂

24 thoughts on “Soap Favors for a June Wedding

  1. Joan

    Just beautiful!! What a perfect favor…How do you accomplish such crisp lines with your stamping? Is your stamp, metal with long thin lettering?

    1. soapjam Post author

      Hi Joan! I use acrylic stamps. I find that the simpler the design, the clearer the imprint. I use somebody local, but I hear LaserCutz in the UK makes great acrylic stamps. 🙂

  2. Maja

    Silvia, they look gorgeous and I’m sure the couple was over the moon when they first saw them. I hear your trouble with punching cellophane, I couldn’t break through mine.
    You did everything perfect, I’m sure there will be more favours orders for you.

    1. soapjam Post author

      We need to look for industrial punchers, Maja! 🙂 Wedding favours are fun to do. It would be nice to have more projects like that. 🙂

  3. ecovioletsoap

    Thoughtful packaging for the wedding soaps! I also know the issues with punching holes in my bags so I know the effort that you put into punching the 220 packages to get it to look perfect. The custom stamp with the date is also a very nice touch. Beautiful work!

  4. Monica

    I never knew that about June weddings, I always figured it’s what people did. 😉

    Your soaps are, as always amazing and I love the stamp! What a lovely touch and a wonderful wedding favour. You are so creative with your packaging, it’s so adorable! I also really admire your determination and fortitude to make the doily and plastic work together. =)

    1. soapjam Post author

      I thought I was one of the few who didn’t know about the history of June weddings. Interesting, isn’t it?

      When I’m into what I’m doing, it’s not so difficult to have “determination and fortitude”. Wish I had those qualities more often. 🙂


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