Avocado Soap

Avocado is one of my family’s favorite fruits.  It is currently in season so we have been happily eating and drinking it (sweetened with condensed milk, it makes a delicious shake.)  Seeing all these beautiful avocados inspired me to make soap with it.

I used olive oil, coconut oil, rice bran oil, pili oil, castor oil and stearic acid (850 grams total.) I pureed 50 grams of avocado along with some of the water in the recipe and less than 1/8 tsp green chrome oxide. I strained the avocado mixture, blended it with the oils, then added in the lye solution. It reached medium trace pretty fast.

I finished making this batch at 8pm last night.  Before going to bed at midnight, i took a peek and saw that it had fully gelled. I removed the thick towel insulating it, and replaced it with a kitchen towel.

After the problem I had unmolding my coffee soap, I made sure to unmold this one after 12 hours.  Alas, it refused to slide off.  I had to use a bench scraper to separate it from the acrylic panels.  I don’t know why my acrylic mold is not working anymore. Could it be the stearic acid?

avocado 1

12 hours later…Ready to be unmolded and cut. Unfortunately, the soap is stuck like glue and would not slide off.

I think this is a nice green colour but not quite avocado green. Next time I will add a touch of yellow to get a more accurate colour.

avocado 2

I used an ounce of green tea fragrance for this batch.  It smells “green”, fresh and subtle.  It complements the smell of the avocado, which surprisingly stayed in the finished soap.

10 thoughts on “Avocado Soap

    1. soapjam Post author

      Thank you, Jen! The color is changing to a duller green. I still have to let this cure, but I am already thinking of making more avocado soap variants.

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    1. soapjam Post author

      I had it made by Ad Consultants here in Cebu. If you know of somebody in your area that makes business signages, they should be able to make one for you.

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