Moon Cake Banana Soap

I am on a food streak, if you haven’t noticed…After someone said my coffee soap smelled like banana cake, the idea to make banana soap stuck in my head. Coincidentally (was it?), I had more bananas than we could consume, so rather than letting it rot, I had to make banana soap!

I’ve had these new sunflower-shaped individual silicone molds that were just sitting in a cabinet for half a year already. I thought now was the perfect time to use them to bring sunshine to the banana soap I was going to colour yellow.

I used the same base recipe as my avocado soap, scented it with honey fragrance oil and added a few drops of canary yellow lab colour. I think it was the fragrance that accelerated trace, but it could also have been the stearic acid. I was careful to mix the oils and lye a little above 100˚F, and I also increased the liquids a little bit. I’ve worked with stearic acid before and never really had a problem with it until I started using fragrance oils.

It was challenging and messy trying to cram the soap into the individual molds. The color was yellow when it went in, but the next day, it had turned caramel (this was insulated – I failed to consider the sugar in the banana.) Actually,  the texture, color and shape of this soap reminds me of moon cake, a sweet Chinese concoction usually made with sweetened mung bean paste, and traditionally eaten around late September to early October, during the mid-autumn festival.

Banana Soap

I think I will rebatch this. As much as I like moon cakes, I wanted this soap to look happy and bright. Also, I am disappointed with the honey fragrance.  It smells artificial, although now it’s not as bad as when it was out of the bottle.

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